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Lol. sorry for the dark topic but I needed to drive my point home. So I am usually not a pastry person, let us all thank my High School, Presentation National High School, for that. We weren’t allowed to take provisions with us to boarding school and if they found anything as little as milk in your powder bottle you were either suspended for a week or asked to do something else that was totally ridiculous.

So cereals and snacking is not really my thing. It’s why I never get it when people fuss over cake (well that and the fact that at one period of my life my mom would bake any cake you can imagine every other day, and of course who else was there to taste the deliciousness than her own children).

You know what my thing is though? CHICKEN!

I must admit I love chicken a little too much. One of my friends can easily attest to this because there was never a time that I didn’t reach out for a piece of her Chicken (I’m sorry Chika).

Let’s not even talk about the time my then boyfriend (now hubs) took me out on a date, I took one look at the menu, couldn’t decide what I really wanted because there were so many options and made a huge mistake by telling the waiter to give me anything that came with lots of Chicken. He brought a chicken Burrito Insert straight face here.

My husband teases me till date that I couldn’t even pretend seeing as we were still getting to know each other but trust me when it comes to chicken for me ain’t nobody got time to be a princess Fiona boo, you gotta accept me in all my female – Shrek glory.

The point of this long story is to convince you of how much I love chicken but also share a recipe I enjoy a lot and is quite simple to prepare

All you’ll need are;



1lb chicken wings (uncooked)

1 Knorr cube


A pinch of salt

2tbsp honey

1/2c Fresh ground pepper

3 tbsp olive oil



In a clean bowl mix the chicken wing with 1tbsp olive oil, salt, pepper (I like to use black pepper too), 1 Knorr cube and half of the freshly ground pepper. Mix it all in and marinade it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Put the wings in the oven and leave for about 20-25 minutes (remember to turn it over after 10 minutes so it is evenly cooked)

while the wings are cooking mix the remaining fresh ground pepper with about 1-2 tbsp of honey in a pot on medium heat.

Once the wings are ready,  transfer them into the honey pot, mix everything up and turn off the heat

There you have it. Your delicious chicken wings

Hope you enjoy it and let me know when you make it in the comments





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