Most times we want to get to the destination so bad, we hate on the process and time it takes us to get there. For instance, anytime I say I want to travel to say Cuba, my excitement is always cut short with the realization that I have to get on a plane for x amount of hours before I get there (believe it or not I love to travel but hate flying) and the same thing applies to every area of our lives, we see Teyana Taylor and immediately desire her body without wanting to go through the process of not eating donuts for breakfast and sweating it out at  home or the gym or dancing your butt off to get that body

But my darling the beauty is actually in the process, as painful as that can be sometimes or as stagnant as the situation feels. Lately, I have learned to appreciate the process because the stories are actually what make the journey worthwhile, so as Shakira awesomely sings in Zootopia, try everything, do the things  you want to do and if you fail, start again, don’t live a life of what ifs,

Here are 5 things I have learned so far;

It is okay not to have it all figured out right now.

This used to bug me a whole lot and, if I were being honest, it still does a little, you see my mind is a perfectionist so whatever I set out to do or whatever my mind perceives always has to be perfect in every way before I release it into the world, take this blog as a good example, it has taken me almost 5 years to come out with this because… perfectionism. But I have learned it is okay to also just start and keep moving, so this is me jumping off the cliff.

Take things one step at a time.

Don’t focus on all your many ideas and to-do lists at once, try to figure out which one is a top priority and then find a way to start bringing it to life, ask yourself “what is the very next step I take for this to become a reality”? and then go do that.

Change is constant. 

And inevitable might I add. A lot of things that were in trend just a couple of years ago have been replaced by things that matter more and are a lot more functional now. Whatever it is you set out to do know that it will likely be tweaked along the way and that is what will make you better because it will challenge you and make you step out of your comfort zone. The world is constantly changing. Don’t be a Nokia 3310 phone in a world that can’t do without pictures, no one will buy you.

You can have it all, not just all at once.

This set my mind free, and it is as simple as it sounds. Just keep going and keep working at it, everything you want is coming to you.

Work on improving yourself. 

Constantly build yourself to become a person of value, learn about emotional intelligence, self-control. You are your own brand.


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    July 15, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    Congratulations Amenze! First for starting your blog even if it took five years – some people never even get to it. Next for having such a beautiful, clean space here. It does not look like a new blog at all, well done! All that time you took was worth it. Everything looks amazing.
    Great tips.

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      July 15, 2017 at 9:32 pm

      Thank you so much. Your encouraging words mean a lot

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