Diastasis Recti is a condition I only got to know about after I had given birth to my baby boy. My first thought was ‘why didn’t anyone tell me about this?’ but I soon realized that there wasn’t much information and awareness about it in Africa.

I have been able to slowly heal mine with time and with the help of some specialists and I figured there might be one or two people just like me who just put to bed or have been on this mummy journey for sometime but really can’t figure out why your pooch won’t go down even after you have gone back to your pre-baby weight and started fitting into your pre-baby jeans.

So what really is diastasis?

Simply put diastasis recti means separation of the abdominal wall. “diastasis” is a greek word that means separation and “recti” refers to your rectus abdominal muscle. It is very common in pregnant and postpartum women. It usually occurs during the 2nd – 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

How do I know if I have diastasis?

You can easily check it yourself if your obstetrician doesn’t do so at your six weeks check up.

  • Lay down flat on the floor, with your back to the ground and your knees bent
  • Put one hand behind your head and come up for a crunch while simultaneously placing your fingers in the space above your belly button
  • If you can feel more than 2 fingers go in before you start feeling the tightness in your abdominal wall then you most likely have diastasis recti

Can my diastasis be fixed?

The good news is no matter how long it has been, it is never too late to fix/heal your diastasis.

First on the line of things to do will be removing crunches and sit-ups from your workouts, any workouts that generally put pressure on your abdominal wall. This is important because diastasis is caused by pressure.

Another good step in healing your diastasis is in learning how to realign your body, this can be done by engaging in good posture exercises, learning how to stand up straight and not slouch and sitting properly

Also learning how to properly engage your core and using a good belly binder during exercises will also help a great deal in the journey of healing your core.

I have a free ebook on four things I did that started me on my journey of healing my core after my baby and you can download it here

Hope this helps, If you have any questions or need more clarity on this topic feel free to contact me at inherpurplepurse

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